Who we help

English speakers who have cancer and their close family members.

Whatever your country of origin, if you speak English, we can support you. All our Active Listeners and other volunteers are speakers of English.

The people around a cancer patient – family, friend, carer

Cancer does not only affect the person with the illness. Friends and family around the patient can also find that it impacts heavily on their lives, in terms of the time that they have to devote to caring, and the emotional stress it can cause. We can offer an Active Listener to those close to a cancer patient, and it will be a different person from the one supporting the patient him or herself, so that the feelings of each are kept confidential from the other.

The person needing help needs to contact us directly

Part of the underlying purpose of what we do is to enable the person we support to regain some control over their lives. The first step in this is to acknowledge the need for support. So we do not accept referrals from third parties. We need to be approached by the person who needs the support.