Who are we?

Cancer Support Haute-Vienne was founded at the end of 2011 by the current Bureau. The three of us decided that Haute-Vienne needed its own association and were encouraged to do so by the then President of CSF Charente Plus, who used to cover the Haute-Vienne. We are all volunteers and CSH-V runs as a 1901 association under French law. Our aim is to offer support to English speakers affected by cancer.

During our first year, the association in Creuse began to fail and we agreed to take it over. We then found ourselves with clients from Corrèze and Indre, being the nearest association to these departments. So we now cover 87, 23, 19 and 36. We have built relationships with the various hospitals across these departments and even visited the hospital in Montluçon to translate for a client from Indre.

At the beginning of 2017 we had supported over 100 people – some seeking information, some needing translation help and some needing an Active Listener.

Our volunteer Active Listeners come from a variety of backgrounds, are well trained by us. and our current lead trainer is Linda Shepherd, one of the original founders of Cancer Support France some 17 years ago.

We arrange some fund raising events during the year to cover our immediate costs of which training and on-going training are the biggest financial demands. We do not raise money for third parties.

If you feel you would like to get involved with Cancer Support Haute-Vienne in any way or need our help, please contact us. We should be so pleased to hear from you.