Event & News Moderation policy

Our Event & News are moderated . Moderators are volunteers .
All entries will be checked, and if deemed to be inappropriate for the purposes of the website, will be removed.

Only authorised members of CS Haute Vienne may post comments.
Authorised members contributing to Event/News must behave with respect and honesty at all times.
Authorised members may not post any commercial/advertising comment.
Authorised members must post information which is true and correct to their knowledge.
Where possible any health/medical claims referred to should be referenced with appropriate source such author, journal date and other resources links so that these can be followed up by users.
All CS Haute Vienne members are by default considered as non medical professionals. If otherwise, it will be stated on the “About Us” page.
If a health professional gives medical information as an Authorised member, his/her status as a medical professional must be identified.
Moderators will receive notification of a new event/news as soon as the post is submitted.

Karen Blewett is part of the Moderation team.

All contributions made to the Event/News pages should be designed to to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician.

Please post your entries with care. These are visible to everyone and once uploaded you will not be able to erase them.

Editorial director: Karen Blewett.